Our Introduction

It all starts with Master Craftsmanship, Tradition and Richness of an Enduring Culture.

James Lloyd is a curated marketplace for hand-picked, handmade products.

At James Lloyd, we curate products influenced by contemporary design aesthetics, deep-rooted artisanal values and functional sensibility.

Our craft practices carry within them an amalgamation of cultural practices, values of sustainability, and the creativity to innovate.

Our products emanate an expression of a value which transcends the monetary exchanges to reveal something more precious, rarer, more difficult to find. It stands to reason that when we feel emotionally connected to the story behind an item, we’re more likely to keep it for longer, take care of it and repair it when broken, rather than growing bored and quickly casting it aside.

It enforces our convictions that behind every James Lloyd product lies a personal story.

James Lloyd has been curated keeping you in mind

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Our Design

While fashion changes every season, we offer timeless designs that represent a refined elegance.

Our exclusive range of products are woven imbued with the social and cultural hue of the region from where they have sprung and are original in nature and craftsmanship.

We are inspired by designs with a never-ending appeal. Meticulous attention to detail is paid throughout the course of product development and every decision is made in collaboration with the artisans to ensure our designs reflect our philosophy.

Our products are an expression of the artisans life and holds their passion and mystery

Our Customers​

In your shopping experience at James Lloyd, you express your preference for “slow fashion” as opposed to fast fashion; you show that you lean towards “classics” over trendy designs; and also make evidence of your fine taste.

In resisting the pressure to speed up and cut corners, and in a world of impatient consumerism, artisanal products reminds us that the best things are worth waiting for.

If we make a sale, we make a living for ourselves and for our artisans.

For our success,
we are ever so grateful to


Our Goals

Sourcing Indigenous Products

The regions we source our our products from have a long and unique history of art, with several indigenous crafts and practices passed down across generations of artisan communities.

Keeping Heritage Alive

Many of these artisans today face a struggle for survival, competing against the cheap, rapidly produced products of the modern age. Losing these ancient practices to modern manufacturing and production means losing an important aspect of our heritage.

Investing in Artisans Communities

In a society where technology is wiping out more and more jobs, craft can offer meaningful employment opportunities. There is a material poverty and a human poverty and we at James Lloyd believe that revitalisation of craft can certainly help to alleviate both.

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It is time modern industry helped artisans claim their rightful share of the global market

Value Pillars

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are our priority. We strive to make every aspect of their journey memorable and exceptional.


Pursuit Of Excellence

We embody everything that is most noble and accomplished in the world of craftsmanship, paying meticulous attention to detail and striving for perfection.



We are authentic and honest, trusting others to do the same.


Fair Trade

We work with artisans in holistic partnerships built on trust. These relationships go beyond ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions — they empower producers to strengthen their communities and grow their businesses sustainably.


Positive Impact

We firmly believe that truly desirable products can only come from sustainable businesses, we are committed to ensuring that our products and the way they are made have a positive impact on our entire ecosystem.