James Lloyd Ltd

It’s about Master Craftsmen and their Craft – literally

Moto Riding Gear

We believe in fine quality and craft genuine leather goods that are made to last.

The full grain leather for our products is sourced from the uppermost layer of the hide, this part of the hide is renowned for its impeccable quality, durability and unrivalled aesthetic.

Our endeavor is to work with only those supply from tanneries where leather is a byproduct of the meat industry. No animals, endangered or otherwise are ever reared primarily for their hides and our traditional tanning process is environmentally-conscious.

We believe that it takes time to create a truly unique, high quality product. It’s a labour of love, but it’s worth it.

The journey of our leathercraft begins with the ideas born in the Artisan’s mind and ends with our satisfied customers.

Luxury Weaves

We believe that Fashion can be Conventional and Contemporary at the same time. It can be creative, fun, experimental – All these along with being Sustainable.

The ancient craft of weaving coupled with the fascinating universe of colors, designs, patterns, textures, weaves leaves us astounded and overwhelmed with millions of possibilities that can be created.

Working with artisans across borders, we craft products that reflect subtle modernistic layers, yet retaining the aura of timelessness and offering unparalleled beauty.

Combining the highest quality of materials and the finest craftsmanship skills , Our products blend creativity with generations of experience and emanate an expression of a value which transcends the monetary exchanges to reveal something more precious, rarer, more difficult to find.

Home Decor

Just as an artisan is guided by a singular passion – a relentless pursuit of mastery of his or her craft, so are we.

Our mission is simple: to make everyone’s lives beautiful, one home at a time, and our design philosophy is guided by William Morris’ quote, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

James Lloyd home décor products are born at an intersection of ideas: where form meets function, trendy meets timeless, and style meets simplicity.   

We design and craft home decor products that reflect global trends for a discerning audience that is tired of having to choose between overpriced home décor brands or poorly-curated collections at local stores.

At the core of it all is our painstaking attention to detail in design and quality in each of our lovingly crafted products – and we promise to keep it that way.           

Pet Accessories

We know nothing compares to waking up to soft purrs or coming home to a wiggle of a butt.

While every company seemed focused on making the lowest cost product possible, which meant minimal design and using the cheapest materials available. It seemed so strange to us that pet products were held to such a low standard, despite the love we have for our pets.

We believe the bar should be raised for all items relating to your furry family member.

We’re driven to make living the “pet life” easier and more joyful, thus our pet accessories collection is made for those who value pet companionship, design and utility as much as we do. With clever design cues and built-to-last materials, our products are designed to enrich your adventures time and time again. We respect you both too much to not provide the best.

Bespoke Leather work

James Lloyd offers a range of exquisite products for you to choose from, or you can commission your own unique item.

Part of our offering is the bespoke service which works to produce your very own designs for your brand or company as well as beautiful corporate gifts. From elegant engraving to customisation to unique commissions, a bundle of services are on offer as part of this service.

Our team of expert designers and experienced craftsmen will work collaboratively with our clients by putting their dedication and technical knowledge to work on any one-off request, be it extravagant, playful or personal, and create a custom-made piece, in the process bringing some amazing commissions come to life.